Deep Boarding High School
Education is the light of life

Sunil Thaps

               I joined D.B.H.S in 2067 B.S. I found it quite peculiar than other educational institutions. Experienced, arduous and dexterous teachers , ample physical facilities, well equipped laboratories, student-friendly teaching style and quality education tempted me profoundly.
            After joining D.B.H.S, my life changed drastically. I realized that a student requires all-round development for his/her vibrant future. It motivated me to be a role model of discipline, humility, efficiency and righteousness. Similarly, it helped me to reveal my hidden talent and dexterity. Furthermore, the school has always recommended not only the technique to secure good marks in examination but also the procedure of being socialized and civilized. It acted as my intimate friend which helped for sharing happiness and sorrow.
            Now, I am proud to be one of the members of D.B.H.S, which always contemplates for the welfare of students. Whatever the rank I am in today is all due to not able contribution of D.B.H.S. Hope D.B.H.S. will bolster its status even more so that every students of the school can widen their chest.
Sunil Thapa